Thursday, 21 July 2011

Working of wind turbine Ireland

We all familiar with the machines which are used to generate the electric city with the help of wind and this device are known as wind machines. This machine helps the human beings for producing the electricity as early as 200 B.C and the basic working principle of the wind machine was just equivalent as a working of the wind turbine Ireland that are we used in the present scenario. The working phenomenon of wind turbine is to convert the kinetic energy into the potential energy that means wind turbines are huge rotating machine and it is rotating due to the flow of air, which is kinetic energy and converts this energy into the potential energy, which is directly send to the operating machine such as pumps or the generator. With the help of this generator or aerogenerator mechanical energy easily converted into the electric energy, which are transfers to the homes with the help of transformer. 

The working of the wind turbine Ireland depends on the axis or we can say that the position of the blades which is used to grab as much as kinetic energy from the wind and the best position of the blades is angle of 45 degrees by this, as the wide surface of the blades face the force of the wind it creates the pressure on the blade and this pressure creates a suction behind the blades which helps to rotate the rotor. When wind flows with a speed of minimum 4-5 meter per second then the blade slowly turns and produce the mechanical energy and this mechanical energy sends to the generator with the help of hub, main bearing, main shaft, gears and coupling then the electric energy generates and stores in the batteries via transformer.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Renewable Energy System - Advantage and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Advantages of the solar energy - We all know that solar energy is the modern technology which available free of cost not like other technologies. All the other new technologies are not quite Eco friendly as this energy is and the solar energy coming to earth is more than that energy we utilized, it means it presents in the vast quantity, so anyone who are financially weak or irrespective of their financial strength can also afford this energy without any hesitating. Solar energy is also called green energy because it is clean and sustainable and does not release or emit any other harmful chemical like carbon dioxide, Sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide which damage the ozone layer. Thus, it doesn't contribute in the global warming.

Disadvantages of the solar energy - The main disadvantage of this energy is its installation cost of it energy capturing equipment due to the high cost of semiconductor supplies, which is the main essential part to build the all the renewable energy system. The solar panel requires large amount of space to capture the huge amount of the solar energy so lacking of space is also one of the disadvantages of the solar energy system and besides this it can also be affected by the presence of water vapor, pollution, etc. in the air, which may create complication for this energy system.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Types of renewable energy system for homes

As we all know that the renewable energy system is in high demand with the rising in the electricity regarding the energy crisis and the energy consumption in the domestic field is very high. We all use energy for full fill our desire or needs like lighting, heating, cooking and many other essential requirements and most of the energy we obtain from non renewable energy sources like fossil fuels. We all know that the creation of the fossil fuels take thousands of years so the supply rate of this energy is less as compare to its demand rate and this is the main reason behind the shortage of energy that’s why the value of the energy constantly increases as a result the renewable energy sources become more popular between homeowners.

When we talk about the renewable energy system it contains solar panels, wind turbines, biomass, etc. The main benefits of these types of energy system over the fossil fuels is that these systems cannot produce any harmful chemical or substances which do not provide any harm to human beings and they are replenished by nature. Listed below few are the renewable energy resources which are very popular and purported for homes:

• Solar Energy – This energy resource is the most popular and very effective for homeowners. This energy mainly used for the lighting and water heating purposes.

• Geothermal Energy – This energy is taken from the beneath of the earth surface and used for heating or cooling homes that’s why this energy is also known as a dual purpose energy resource.

• Biomass Energy – This is the most essential renewable source of energy for a home which can’t be neglected is biomass energy. This source of energy derived from the fermentation of the waste materials of plants and animals.

• Wind Energy – This energy can be generated with the help of large wind turbines which are specially designed for both commercial and domestic purpose. This type of energy also help us to save non-renewable energy resources

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Working of Solar panels

As we all know that solar panels are the piece of equipments which are used to convert the solar energy into the light energy and the heat energy. Mainly three types of panel’s categories are used to generate energy from solar energy such as

A) Solar panels used to produce electricity - Every ones know that solar cells are the common devices to generate the electricity for commercial purpose as well as domestic purpose. The cells used in the solar panel are known as photovoltaic cells, which is the combination of the PV element. A group of the PV modules tied with the help of the wire and designed in that manner that it can easily fix in the PV panels or solar panels and after that, the whole setup will be installing in field as well as on the roof with enthusiastically.

B) Panels used to produce thermal energy in Commercial – The main aim of these types of panels are used to store or collect all the heat from the sun that's why they also known as "thermal collectors". They are specially designed to absorb as much sunlight to generate the heat or thermal energy, it looks that its setup is simple and easy, but actually they are more complex than the other solar installations.

C) Panels used to produce thermal energy in Domestic – In domestic purpose applications mainly two types of panels are used, first is box type and the other is flat plate panels, both are used to generate the thermal energy. Besides these evacuated tube, air and parabolic dish and pool or unglazed panels are used for the home/office and hotels because they generate enough heat to produce electricity at very reasonable rates.

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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Some advantages of renewable energy systems

As we all know that the term renewable energy stands for. It refers the type of energy which derived from the resource of nature, it is non exhaustible and are not similar like other fossil fuel and some of the example of the renewable energy is biomass, solar, wind, geothermal and water. In spite of various advantages the renewable energy systems are used in limited to a certain extent because of its costly machinery and less number expert people in this relative field. But nowadays, the use of the renewable energy has increased in the last few years. Some of the advantages of the renewable energy are following below.

1)    Rich source of energy :- This is the main and important point of this type of energy that they are replenish naturally it means this energy source is rich in quantity and will continue to remain if we are using it constantly so, it will never run out in the upcoming years. We can save other fuels by using this type of renewable energy systems like fossils, petrol, diesel, kerosene for the future use.

2)    Environmental benefits: - This energy is considerable as a green energy because they generate zero percentage of the harmful chemicals, emissions and pollutants into the environment. Now the government has decided that those people who install the renewable energy system at their home, farm or land give some benefits to them because these people's help in saving the environment and reduce the global warming. These are the some important conditions that highly affect the production of renewable energy system.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Solar Panel: Save Money And Protect Environment

If you want to save your huge amount of money, then using the green or renewable energy is the best and easiest way. You can generate the renewable energy at your home also with the help of two options one is sun energy and the second one the wind energy. If you go with the sun energy, then solar panel is the perfect way to generate the green energy and if you choose the wind energy, then wind turbine are the best equipment to produce the renewable free green energy which helps you to save your lots of money. As we all know that the energy comes from the sun is absolutely free of cost and come to us every day so, the working of these panels is replaced or converted the solar energy into the electric energy

This DIY tool kit of solar panel is available in a wide range of types, according to customer need that means how much energy they want to consume and this kit is capable for assembling and repairing the panel pairs and makes easy. If you keep the few essential components at your hand and the tool kit supply all the items and equipment such as screws, poles, plywood, nuts-bolts, solder-gun as well as the book, which is full fill with the whole instruction manual and the manual can be easily be understandable without any guidance, i.e. it is user-friendly then you can easily made it yourself. This is the excellent method to save the environment which helps reduce the global warming in very easy and perfect way and also save lots of money as well.

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